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Hottest Female Blogger Award

Huray... I got award again, this award came from my lovely friend MORIKA, this award is unique, because this award only for female. So please dont be sad for you guys if u dont get this award. hehehe....

Nophie's Corner

Then here is the game:

1. Give this award to other female blogger you know complete with the reason why.
2. Do not forget to give a link back to the person who gave you this award
3. Try to googling this phrase: "[your name] needs"
4. Choose the top ten of the results and post it on your article
5. Find out the results.

I write my name in google, like this "nophie needs", then the results are :
1. nophie needs banning #leverage .... (very confusing ha?)
2. nophie needs house in metropolitan ( the result not exactly like this )
3. nophie needs to feel free ( hm... maybe right )
4. nophie needs known as a common girl next door who loves to wriete and read ( it's me )
5. nophie needs avatar ( dont know what for )
6. nophie needs present autumn ( ???)
7. nophie needs facilitate the work
8. nophie needs bard (o yeah )
9. nophie needs couple ( o my GOD, i dont think so )
10. nophie needs money ( absolutely )

hehehe, this game is really fun. Anyway, i have to choose who will get this award. She must be hottest female blogger.

Here we go to choose a girl one by one :
1. Thia Monica
2. Miaw
3. Marifen
4. WUlandari
5. Kluwan
6. Mas
7. Ateh
8. Cyntia
9. Coming soon
10. Coming soon

Please accept this award girls......