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Many Loves from friends

it's time for me to post all of awards from my friends. Thanks To all of my friends who has given me award. For me, Awards that are given to me, means love.

1. This award came from Mas Doyok

This award only for indonesian blogger. Term of this award is make some poetry to our country, to show our nationalism.

Indonesia memang tak sekuat Amerika,
Indonesia juga tak sekaya arab saudi,
Tapi Indonesia adalah negeriku,
negeri dimana aku dilahirkan
negeri dimana begitu banyak budaya
yang membuat iri negara tetangga
Apapun yang terjadi di Indonesia
Aku bangga jadi orang Indonesia

2. This one from Morika

Award above implies:

* Green statue : symbolizes the new blogger buddies

* Yellow statue: represents the blogger buddies who are always active

* Blue statue : symbolized with blogger buddies with high PR (Page Rank)

* Red Platform : symbolizes that we are all the same, whether beginners to
seniors is summarized in one place, with the same blood color red, and we are

3. Two Awards from Mas

All of this award will give to friends that listed below, of course take that u don't have yet, dont forget to finalize the term of each award u take :

1. Hitsuke
2. Morika
3. Kluwan
4. Al-basri
5. Marifen
6. Islamicline
7. Mas
8. Blog Kuliner
9. Menulis untuk Berbagi
10. imam
11. blackstreet

To all of friends who listed above. Please take that awards.....