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Parkinson's disease, The Killer of Robin Williams

After the shocking death of comedy actor Robin Williams, the eyes of the world again realized that there is a disease called Parkinson's. Although it has been known that Robin Williams died by suicide, but that so many people question the motive behind this suicide cases.

How can a person who has a lot of wealth and luxury can take a shortcut to suicide. Robin does have an addiction to alcohol from a young age, but this was confirmed by his wife that the addiction is not the cause of Robin decide to commit suicide. The world was surprised because it was Robin experiencing early symptoms of Parkinson's.

Parkinson's disease is a disease that affects many elderly people and causes disability movement continues to worsen and occur in the long term. Until now, the disease can not be cured. Therapy aims to improve and manage the symptoms. Person's reaction to Parkinson therapy is also not uniform so it is not necessarily the type of therapy suited everyone. In addition to therapy with drugs, patients also need physical therapy and speech and lifestyle changes to manage and slow the progression of the disease.

It's good that you have started entering old age, to be more concerned about your body. Anyone can be affected by Parkinson's disease, including you. Of course prevention is better than cure, dig deeper information about Parkinson's until you can detect it early. Or if you or your family people with Parkinson's, you already are in the right place. Get the knowledge, treatment and therapy of Parkinson's disease here.