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Mizerak Donovon II 8-Foot Billiard Table

Mizerak Donovon II 8-Foot Billiard Table  | This is a favorite hobby by anyone, not least for those who like a challenge. This time there are some reviews on Billiard Table that could be one option for you to buy

Mizerak Donovon II 8-Foot Billiard Table

  • 8-foot billiards table with contemporary black laminate cabinet
  • Genuine slate playbed covered with deep red wool-blend cloth
  • Offers genuine warp resistance and allows for smooth, consistent roll
  • 3-5/8-inch black laminate top rails and full-profile K66 nose rubber
  • Includes accessory kit with 2 cues, full set of balls, 1 triangle, chalk
Donovan II 8-Feet. Billiard Table Black Laminate Top Rails with Full Profile K66 --provide uniform resistance for quality of play. Wool Blend Deep Red Cloth--allows for smooth, consistent roll.  

Here are some reviews from users who have bought this pool table Mizerak Donovon II 8-Foot Billiard Table

1. From Aeaden 

This is my first real review and it's fairly long. I wanted to help others that could have the same issues I had....

First let me say, I love this table. It is amazing, however, I need to mention a couple of things regarding the assembly...

The slate is very heavy, which actually is a good thing, however, make sure you have a couple of people nearby to lift it safely. You also are going to need a strong screwdriver or crowbar and hammer to get the slate out of it's packing crate. Careful when sliding the slate out so you don't damage it. I had a few guys around and 2 people were able to carry the slate pieces. I would say each piece weighs between 150-200 pounds and there are 3 of them.

Basic frame assembly went well. All the bolts matched perfectly and it was very steady. There are some guide holes on the wood that did not line up with the end plates though. If you use the guide holes it sticks up over the top of the frame and since the slate goes on top of this, you can't do it. Just make your own holes. Not difficult at all, but I just wanted to mention it.

Once assembled, the frame was very easy to level with a 36" level.

The slate comes next. It actually lined up very well. I highly recommend drilling guide holes. This will make screwing down the slate much easier. The plates went together so evenly that I did not have to use any of the shims :)

After the slate is attached, you then have to cover the seams and the 4 middle countersunk holes. The compound they give you is very difficult to work with. Mainly when it comes to sanding. It is more like a resin or epoxy then a joint compound. Be careful when applying it, because it dries very hard and is very difficult to sand.
2. From Shawn
Just a note; when searching for a pool table to buy, I wanted a vegas/arcade style table with slate top and adjustable legs. One reason I purchased this table in regard to the fact that it was exactly what I was looking for. Re

Slate Top (Nothing replaces slate; including SL8 or SLATRON)
Adjustable Legs (French style legs are nice, but very hard to level the table)
Fast playing surface (Incredibly smooth surface play)

CONS:(There really aren't any cons, but maybe a few concerns.)
Don't expect to get 5 guys together to move this table. The sides are fairly thin and would certainly break under pressure. If you want to move this table, you're going to have to disassemble it
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